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Multi-INT Analytic Solutions


L3Harris is on the forefront of operational data science and has been since developing our first data analytic system in 2009. L3Harris envisioned, designed and fielded a scalable big data analytics system architecture for multi-INT processing, exploitation and dissemination that processes large amounts of diverse data at multiple sites. 

L3Harris has developed a unique, agile approach to provide efficient ingest and semantic enrichment of the subject data sets and rapid development and employment of analytics that drive extremely complex queries down to seconds, giving operators quicker answers and consuming less of their valuable time.

Big Data Architectures/Integrated PED Analytics/Cloud Computing 
L3Harris developed the architecture and cloud analytics for several clients’ PED systems, incorporating multi-INT data fusion, Big Data Architectures, cloud computing and multi-level security management to deliver best-in-class PED systems. Our PED approach also delivers a modular, composable system for distributed multi-modal fusion, allowing distributed fusion capabilities to be reconfigured to adapt to mission needs under the operational constraints of connected, disconnected and intermittent communication links.

L3Harris leverages Big Data Architectures that provide extensibility and scalability, and benefit both real-time and forensic applications. Deployed solutions perform multi-source, multi-INT, multi-domain data ingest, transformation, persistence, retrieval and data analysis. These capabilities employ open, service-oriented standards that offer multiple integration options for analysts and deliver enhanced situational understanding. 

Our cloud computing approach incrementally processes multi-INT data to enrich the global data space and produce sets of entities and events that form a global situational understanding. These entities and events are continually processed, enabling data discovery that is most relevant to the operator/analyst (e.g., activity of interest and the entities involved in the activity). 

Our Analytics Capabilities Include: 

  • Faceted spatial-temporal search
  • Loitering detection; co-traveling detection
  • Unusual activity analysis and reduction
  • Geo-fence tripwire alerting
  • Geospatial gazetteering (e.g., enriching locations with place names)
  • Spatiotemporal, parametric (e.g., frequency), identity attribute (e.g., Electronic Intelligence Notification (ELNOT), selectors) statistical correlation


  • Multi-Intelligence Big Data Analytics Data Sheet

    Multi-Intelligence Big Data Analytics Data Sheet

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