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Fuzing and Ordnance Systems

Fuzing and Ordnance Systems

L3Harris has designed, qualified and manufactured millions of fuzing devices for all types of platforms, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, penetrators, shoulder launched munitions, artillery and mortar projectiles, UAVs, rocket motors, ignition safety devices, guided projectiles, 2.75" rockets, 5-inch gun projectiles and general-purpose bombs.

• Proximity / Height of Burst Sensors
• Flight Termination Safety & Arming (FTSA) Systems
• ESADs and ESAFs
• Ignition Safety Devices (ISDs)
• Penetrators / Hard Target
• Selectable Effects
• CHIEF / Embedded Fuzing Systems

L3Harris designed and constructed their facility to manufacture fuzing & ordnance systems and precision electronics components. All resources, including program management, engineering and quality assurance, are strategically located on site, ensuring complete adherence to programmatic and technical requirements. Our highly flexible manufacturing operations can accommodate a variety of fuzing products with run rates of 40,000 units per month down to individual production units for development efforts. Additionally, the Cincinnati facility has a complete on-site test lab to perform all required environmental test procedures.

L3Harris also operates an advanced Automated Electronics Assembly area that produces high-reliability Flex Circuit Assemblies and Circuit Card Assemblies on modern Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. This capability is on-site to control and support the most stringent quality standards for the production of military standard, safety-critical components.

L3Harris has a proven record of accomplishment as a quality, on-time producer of superior products and systems. We support all branches of the military, and are a critical supplier to all major weapon system primes. As a trusted partner, you can count on L3Harris to deliver quality products and develop superior solutions that enhance capabilities and provide overmatch superiority to the warfighter.  

With over 60 years of experience L3Harris provides fuzing and ordnance systems, precision electronic components, subsystems and systems for the Department of Defense and international allies specializing in the design, development, testing and manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical fuzes, safe and arm devices, ISDs and proximity sensors. Our engineering depth and experience includes the ability to design a reliable, cost-effective and producible system capable of meeting the stringent system requirements and successfully pass the approval process. L3Harris maintains the highest production operations and quality standards which have proven effective across numerous programs. We have earned supplier distinction for our delivered quality, delivery schedule and cost controls that are a direct result of investment and management oversight in key processes.

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