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Knowledge and experience allow humans to anticipate what we expect to happen in the future. A rigorous computer program can do the same thing – better in some regards. Intellimatics provides near real-time intelligence that can automatically detect and track changes using time-based processing analogous to the real world.

The results are actionable intelligence products scalable from small events to global effects.

Precise processing provides a rich basis for a wide variety of uses that also works in conjunction with traditional data sources, resulting in a wide array of state-of-the-art capabilities.


Intellimatics taps into electro-optical (EO) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data as well as other sources to create an advanced knowledge base. It fully automates the production of cross-sensor intelligence products that are temporally accessible and machine-query compatible.

The Intellimatics system requires no specific sensor geometries and collections, and applications like change detection are inherent.

An automated method to co-register data from multiple sources generates predictive and forensic products that create a virtual persistent data volume from any input source.


  • Sensor agnostic detection enables versatility and compatibility
  • Multi-sensor collection correlation results in simplicity and efficiency
  • Precise cross registration among imagery sources provides enhanced accuracy and performance
  • Results translate easily for users and machines
  • Compatibility with conventional processing delivers robust data
  • Collection geometry-agnostic approach enables full potential of multi-constellation change detection

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