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Model 997 Hull-Mounted Sonar

HMS systems are designed to provide a standoff capability with excellent shallow-water performance against any threat.

Multiple transmission parameters combined with sensitive receivers and optimum signal processing allows maximum target information to be extracted from the acoustic environment.

  • Scalable architecture and array size allows navies to choose the system that matches mission requirements
  • Active sonar operates in three frequency bands permitting multiple systems to operate in close proximity
  • Commercial off-the-shelf components and open system architecture minimizes costs
  • Combined frequency modulation and continuous wave transmission optimizes sonar coverage for both slow and fast targets
  • Mine and obstacle detection allows rapid transition to close-in threats
  • Maintenance of close contact feature provides the ability to maintain contact at close range
  • Creates a comprehensive view of the sonar picture, combat management system information and common tactical picture on a single display
  • Offers additional operator selectable sonar displays
  • Integrates all data coming from networked platforms and sensors
  • Provides full authority undersea warfare track management and fully-integrated weapon control to the operator, such as torpedo fire control
  • Displays overlays of bottom topography, water depth and acoustic performance conditions
  • Produces torpedo alerts and mine avoidance data

L3Harris also offers shore-based sonar training. 

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