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Unmanned Conversions

The ASView™ Control System is an ideal solution to converting existing vessels into autonomous or unmanned platforms. Converting an existing vessel can provide a cost-effective method for organizations to explore the capabilities an unmanned system could provide for a specific tasking or add to the functionality of an existing vessel.

ASView has been used to convert several Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and other vessels, including survey vessels, powerboats and jet skis for use in various military and commercial applications.

Vessel conversions completed by L3Harris include:

  • Mine Hunting and Undersea Surveillance RIB for Northrop Grumman
  • BAE Systems’ Pacific 950 RIB
  • BAE Systems’ Pacific 24 RIB
  • Al Seer vehicles
  • XLARS RIB for Dstl
  • Survey launch for Canadian Hydrographic Service

Using ASView, vehicles can be controlled manually or to follow pre-programmed routes that can be updated at any point through an easy to use PC based graphical user interface. Its industry-leading proven performance enables operational cost efficiencies, continual access to remote ocean locations and removal of humans from dangerous and hostile environments.

Control modes include waypoint and line following, heading and track hold, station keeping and remote control. 

In addition to its standard control modes, ASView has an advanced autonomy system which enables COLREG-aware autonomous navigation and path planning. 

ASView is safety assured with its emergency-stop safety function and an AIS-based last response system that disengages the propulsion system.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

Autonomous Surface Vehicles and Software

CS East C Cat 3

C-Cat 3 ASV

C-Cat 3 is a small and robust Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) for shallow water survey in inshore and coastal waters.
C-Target 6 ASV

C-Target 6 ASV

Small, high-speed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) target boat.
ASV C-Target 9

C-Target 9 ASV

High-Speed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) target boat.
C-Target 13 ASV

C-Target 13 ASV

High-Speed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) target boat.
CS East C-Worker 4

C-Worker 4 ASV

Coastal and inshore survey Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV)
C-Worker 5

C-Worker 5 ASV

Offshore survey autonomous surface vehicle (ASV).
C-Worker 7 ASV

C-Worker 7 ASV

Work-class autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) capable of housing an ROV for offshore inspection.
L3Harris C-Worker 15 uncrewed surface vehicle at sea

C-Worker 15 Uncrewed Surface Vehicle

Long Endurance, Over the Horizon, Flexible Payloads, Agile Transport Logistics
C-Worker 24 Uncrewed Surface Vehicle

C-Worker 24 Uncrewed Surface Vehicle

Long Endurance, Over the Horizon, Container Transport Payload Capability
Custom ASVs

Custom ASV

Custom Build and Semi Bespoke Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV)
L3Harris Polecat ASV at sea

Polecat Autonomous Surface Vehicle

An economical multi-role ASV
Shadow Fox Autonomous Surface Vehicle

Shadow Fox Autonomous Surface Vehicle

Shadow Fox is the latest-generation Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Shadow Fox is a 13-meter (41-foot) long high-speed, multi-purpose ASV capable of operating beyond-line-of-sight for prolonged periods.
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