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C-Target 13 ASV

Product Specifications

The largest in the range, the C-Target 13 is a high-speed vehicle capable of acting as a direct fire target or as a tow boat for inflatable targets or other small craft. The vehicle can be customized to resemble specific craft and is configurable between manned and unmanned modes.

C-Targets are available as part of a managed service package whereby L3Harris can store and maintain the vehicles in readiness for instant deployment. L3Harris' Operations Teams can be made available to lead and support trials as required.

The vehicles are highly survivable built with aluminum hulls for ease of repair. Operated using the ASView-T Control System, C-Targets can operate individually or as part of a swarm. The system allows up to four target vessels to be commanded over a single radio network allowing multiple target maneuvers to be undertaken.

The ASView-T-Console is used by the target operator to manually tele-operate the target or plan and execute waypoint based mission plans. The operator is provided touchscreen user interface, a video feedback screen and joysticks and buttons required for manual tele-operation.

ASView-T as standard is delivered with a UHF point-to-multipoint radio system and can be optionally supplied with an L-Band video feedback system.

ASView-T has inbuilt safety features including an emergency stop button on the Console and a safe mode on loss of communications.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

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