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Polecat Autonomous Surface Vehicle

  • Operating as a target boat, the Polecat offers autonomous navigation along pre-defined waypoints or can be controlled remotely. 
  • The aluminum hull design facilitates repairs by any skilled welder. 
  • Featuring a single-point lift system and a diesel engine, the Polecat can be conveniently stored, supported, launched and recovered on a wide range of vessels. 

With a payload capacity of 400kg and an endurance range of 408 miles at 12 knots, the Polecat is an invaluable asset. 

As an autonomous test bed, Polecat provides an upgradable baseline to host additional processors or sensors, enabling third-party algorithm and payload testing. Moreover, it offers an upgradable 12V 110A output available.

Functions as Standard

L3Harris Polecat ASV at sea
  • 2km communications range
  • 33kts top speed 
  • 8 hours endurance @ 30kts 
  • 20 hours endurance @ 20kts 
  • 400kg payload 
  • Emergency stop system 
  • Remote control via PC 
  • Aluminum construction 
  • A Single Point Lift 
  • Diesel in-board 
  • GEO-fence function 
  • GPS & compass 
  • Structure designed to ISO12215 Category B Offshore 
  • Engines IMO Tier III compliant

Upgrade Options

L3Harris Polecat ASV at sea
  • Extended communication ranges, 18Km, 60km or global coverage 
  • Camera feed 
  • Automated obstacle avoidance 
  • Automated route planning 
  • Remote control via hand-held unit 
  • Remote payload operation 
  • Increased endurance 
  • Ballistic protection 
  • Optionally crewed station 
  • Follow target function 
  • Prioritization order of data sending 
  • On-board VHF relay 
  • Increased electrical capacity


  • L3Harris Polecat data sheet

    Polecat Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) Data Sheet

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L3Harris C-Worker 15 at sea