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Product Specifications

Venom™ is a cost-effective Adversary Air software suite that integrates the latest air-to-air capabilities utilizing commercial-off-the-shelf components, enabling a desired look and feel in the cockpit. By combining a high-resolution tactical situation display that presents radar and datalink track information, threats, system status and weapons engagement information with the Garmin® G3000™ Integrated Flight Deck touch controller and bezel key interfaces, Venom™ offers pilots an intuitive, cutting-edge capability for performing adversary missions. 

Venom provides multiple next generation capabilities, such as an integrated Thales Scorpion Helmet Cueing System (HMCS) with off-boresite capability, Duotech Nemesis Radar and Argus Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), Link 16, Red Net and the latest in weapons simulation. 

Venom includes a robust mission recording and debrief system. The Garmin Integrated Flight Deck displays and pilot HMCS video are recorded with an engagement shot card and mission data on a cockpit-removable drive, allowing adversary crews to provide timely debrief to blue force pilots. 

Venom was built for easy adaptation to additional platforms and mission sets. With a modular display interface, Venom allows for future additional systems integration.

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