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Land Electronic Warfare

Influencing or potentially controlling the contested and congested spectrum whilst still being able to communicate with blue forces is critical to all defence and security missions. Increasingly, electronic warfare and cyber security are becoming important beyond the sphere of standard combat operations to include the full range of internal security threats from espionage, insurgency, terrorism and cyber-attack.

Utilising advanced jamming techniques, our multi-role EA and ECM solutions are designed to provide flexible and targeted jamming of the electromagnetic spectrum for force protection, offensive electronic warfare and operator training to effectively exploit intelligence gathered in the field.

For mission-specific deployment to counter remote controlled IEDs (improvised explosive devices), or communications denial, deception and EA roles, our BROADSHIELD products enable complex waveforms to be created and transmitted, with operators able to exploit the very latest field-based intelligence.

  • Vehicle, portable and personal solutions
  • Scalable, configurable and flexible
  • 20 MHz – 6GHz continuous coverage
  • Rapidly reprogrammable in theatre
  • Active, reactive and hybrid solutions
  • Combat proven
  • Zeroize and anti-tamper protection
  • Threat profiling, analysis and waveform protection

CORVUS is a new multi-role, agile and scalable platform supporting operations involving cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) and has been developed using open industry standards and an architecture that will be shared with trusted industry partners and customers. The platform can be configured for simultaneously operating communications, direction finding, electronic warfare and signals intelligence missions all at once.

CORVUS has been created to enable responses to CEMA-based threats to be developed, scaled and deployed faster than conventional approaches. The new approach will help reduce the burden on the end-user by providing multiple mission-capabilities from the same underlying platform, and maximising training, logistics and power efficiencies.

CORVUS allows a holistic family of components (processors, receivers, transceivers, power-amplifiers and communications) and mission-specific application software to be developed by a range of organisations and brought together quickly in a variety of scalable configurations. These can then be used to create flexible, scalable systems to suit missions of varying size, weight and power constraints, from tactical personal-countermeasure units, through to vehicle-based platforms and up to strategic, fixed installations.

Land Electronic Warfare Documents

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    CORVUS Brochure
  • The role of Open Standards in Force Protection ECM Whitepaper
    The Role of Open Standards in Future Force Protection ECM

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