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M-Code Type I



  • Provides Electronic Warfare Success: Uses spectrally isolated signals for operation during Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA).
  • Mitigates Cyber Threats: Improves cryptography and enhances protection of critical technology.
  • Reduces Product Costs: Eliminates expensive tamper resistance coating. Unclassified manufacturing.


TruTrak-M is fully backwards compatible with legacy Selective Availability AntiSpoofing Module (SAASM) receivers, providing the capability to obtain Precise Positioning Service (PPS) using:

  • Y-Code Only
  • M-Code Only
  • Mixed Y- & M-Code Operation

When supplied with M-code keys, the modernized receiver uses the 19 M-Code satellites in orbit today.


TruTrak-M is the only Modernized GPS receiver to be security certified and approved, a milestone achieved in October 2016. Units are available today for integration and testing. TruTrak-M satisfies the public law (reference PL 111-383) mandate to transition to Military code (M-Code) GPS after fiscal year 2017.

Features, Benefits and Applications

  • L1/L2 C/A, Y- and M-Code signal operation
  • GB-GRAM Type I form factor
  • Modernized anti-spoof, anti-tamper and jamming
  • Field re-programmable
  • Inputs for IMU and/or precision clock
  • Security certified and approved in 2016
  • Backwards compatibility with upgrade path to M-Code
  • Assured solutions in advanced threat environments
  • Enables Blue Force Electronic Attack
  • Satisfies Public Law Mandate
  • Assured PNT
  • Precision Guided Munitions
  • Launchers and guns
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


  • M-Code Type I Data Sheet

    M-Code Type I Data Sheet

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