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VIDA® Integrated Network Solutions Product Line


VIDA provides unified, interoperable communications for voice, data and applications across a multitude of technologies including LMR narrowband and LTE broadband. This mission-critical communications platform doesn’t limit users to a single radio access technology—and the inevitable tradeoffs in coverage, cost and features. Instead, VIDA supports the co-mingling of appropriately-selected technologies that best meet diverse user needs. Three different configurations are available.

High Availability technologies reduce downtime by keeping on-scene workers connected to dispatch. Features include surge capacity to restore power quickly and a second set of infrastructure and software to serve as immediate backup.

LTE broadband capabilities, cloud-ready core, status applications and high data throughput give organizations real-time, critical information for more effective asset monitoring, faster incident response and resolution.

A comprehensive portfolio of security products and services, including network hardening, threat detection and mitigation, and access controls address evolving and ongoing challenges.

VIDA Network Solutions consolidates hardware, network footprint and overall IT complexities. Over-The-Air Programming saves time for large fleets or rebanding efforts and Over-The-Air-Rekeying eliminates time and effort of manual rekeying.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful, flexible software platform supporting voice, data and applications across LMR and LTE networks
  • Standards based with a cloud-ready, virtualized core for access from nearly anywhere
  • Engineered with a tiered architecture and industry-leading redundancy
  • End-to-end encryption and a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services and updates
  • Modular design lets you add features and applications to your system as you need them


  • Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) Gateway
    Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) Gateway
  • Network Sentry Digital Communications Computer
    Network Sentry Digital Communications Computer
  • Network Switching Center (NSC) Voice and Data Router
    Network Switching Center (NSC) Voice and Data Router
  • Symphony™ Dispatch Console
    Symphony™ Dispatch Console
  • VIDA® Device Manager
    VIDA® Device Manager
  • VIDA® Network Management (VNM)
    VIDA® Network Management (VNM)
  • VIDA® Transcoder
    VIDA® Transcoder
  • VIP Dispatch Console
    VIP Dispatch Console


  • Analog to VIDA Migration Brochure
    Analog to VIDA Migration Brochure
  • VIDA® Network Solution Brochure
    VIDA® Network Solution Brochure
  • Location Services Data Sheet
    Location Services Real-Time Asset Tracking Data Sheet
  • Cybersecurity Solutions Brochure
    Cybersecurity Solutions Brochure
  • VIDA® Secure Sentry Datasheet
    VIDA® Secure Sentry Data Sheet
  • VIDA® Virtual Site Datasheet
    VIDA® Virtual Site Data sheet