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Firefly – Next Generation Anti-Submarine Warfare Sonar


  • Firefly offers a new, modern, compact, lightweight state-of-the-art ASW multimission capability never seen before on small maritime helicopters. This is the culmination of decades of proven, reliable ASW sonars from the supplier of the AN/AQS-13, AN/AQS-18 and HELRAS ASW sonars.
  • Minimal size, weight, power and cooling (SWaP-C)
  • Optimum mid-frequency operation
  • Proven, qualified and reliable
  • Low-cost
  • Electric/hydraulic reeling machine option
  • Digital interface
  • Geo-situational user interface


  • Optimizing size, weight power and cost (SWAP-C) drives every aspect of design of the next-generation dipping sonar for the mid-size helicopter and USV. The same unmatched ASW performance of the AN/AQS-18A is now available in a light, modern, compact unit.
  • The transducer assembly is based on the proven AN/AQS-18 ultra-slim, hydrodynamic body with improved stability and optimal dip-cycle time.
  • The combined Military-off-the Shelf (MOTS) Intel® processor and display allow for the latest technology and provide for a seamless technology upgrade.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
  • Firefly Data Sheet
    Firefly Data Sheet

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