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Submarine Mast Raising Equipment

Non Hull Penetrating Mast-Raising Equipment Solutions for submarine vessels

These systems are available with both hydraulic or electric actuation. The electric actuation specifically eliminates the need for oil/piping and the risks linked to oil pollution.

  • Minimum detectability
  • Noiseless raising/lowering control
  • DROP-IN / DROP-OUT installation
  • Reduced maintenance needs and life-cycle costs

With more than 600 masts provided, L3Harris submarine systems are characterized by proven high performance and reliability and are currently equipping the vessels of many world navies.

L3Harris provides a complete range of Non Hull Penetrating Mast-Raising Equipment Solutions for submarine vessels, allowing standardization and cost reduction, along with enhancements in quality level and overall performances. Our mast-raising equipment also feature proven solutions for the integration of all the existing sensors and antennas available on the market

Our solutions include:

  • Submarines sensors mast (optronic sensors, ESM antennas)
  • Radar mast
  • Communication mast (for HF, Multi-function, Satellite antennas)
  • Periscope hoisting system
  • Universal Modular Mast (UMM)


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

  • LVMD Data Sheet

  • Submarine Mast Raising Equipment Data Sheet

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