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Dynamic Positioning Systems & Auxiliary/MH Propulsion Systems for Minehunters

Minehunting Propulsion and Control Systems

The Minehunting Propulsion System, with two or three retractable azimuthal thrusters, provides an unparalleled maneuverability to the vessel in all the MCM operations in order to facilitate search and identification of underwater targets, ROV and boats launch and recovery without exposing at risk the vessel itself, the operators and high value assets such as ROVs, VDS, etc.

The System has been designed with the aim of providing an extremely low signature to the vessel when sailing in minehunting mode, either acoustic and magnetic, coupled to an effective shock resistance.

The system is operational on about 30 minehunters worldwide, with extremely satisfactory results.

Minehunting Propulsion and Control Systems

Vessel Design

The vessel design with separated Minehunting Propulsion and the transit propulsion, offers an high speed transit with good efficiency, and an extremely precise and silent operation during minehunting,

Minehunting Propulsion and Control Systems

Remote Control System

The system features a Remote Control System, complemented by lightweight consoles in the ship rooms. It also includes a Dynamic Positioning System/Autopilot designed for Minehunting tasks/operations.

Minehunting Propulsion and Control Systems

  • Shock tested with explosion at sea ( MIL-S-901)
  • Marginal residual magnetic signature 
  • Extremely low underwater noise emission
  • Extremely high maneuverability level
  • Propeller thrust up to 3000 Kg

L3Harris designs and manufactures complete Steering Systems hydraulically operated with relevant steering stand and controls in accordance to shipping registers regulations and Naval specific requirements.

The system includes controls, Hydraulic Power Unit actuators and if required by the customer the rudder axis with sealing and the rudder itself.

The steering stand includes the autopilot that can be configured to perform a range of tasks such as track keeping, course keeping, target following, etc.

Redundancy provides a high degree of safety to ensure continuous operations even in presence of external damages and failures.

  • Shock qualified 
  • Vibration qualified 
  • Noise qualified
  • EMI qualified 

The system includes a dedicated autopilot MHAP-20 specifically developed for Minehunting operation featuring specific algorithms to enhance dynamic positioning precision and minimize required power and hence noise, that has been also supplied to customers using a different propulsion configuration.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

  • Minehunting Propulsion System Data Sheet

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