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Weapon Handling Systems and Storage Systems for Surface Combatants

Weapon Handling System and Storage System

L3Harris' wide experience in Weapon Handling Systems (WHS) led to several modular designs tuned to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements.

Tailored to customer needs, our WHS can meet the most exacting requirements and can be operated manually, remotely or automatically, allowing fast loading/unloading operations without risk for personnel and material.

The system includes storage equipment and all the loading unloading devices/subsystems to transfer the weapon from the storage position to its launching device.

Weapon Handling Systems and Storage Systems for Surface Combatants

Intelligent Design

We design weapon storage position to protect the weapons and assure the availability even after a shock event. Operational capabilities reach up to sea state 5.

Weapon Handling Systems and Storage Systems for Surface Combatants

Customization Options

Other equipment such as launcher rails, electrically powered transport dolly, storage special fittings are available.


  • Fully automatic, remote and manual control available 
  • Weapon continuously restrained throughout the entire operation
  • Fail to safe system
  • Modular design easy adjustable to customer specific requirements
  • Short reloading time
  • Multiple weapon simultaneous handling
  • Safety device available in case of missile accidental firing and warhead ignition
  • Shock qualified design

Available designs for:

  • NATO-compatible lightweight torpedoes; e.g., MK46, MK54 and MU90, etc.
  • Air-to-surface missiles; e.g., AGM114 Hellfire and Marte MK2, etc.
  • Heavyweight torpedoes
  • Decoy rockets


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

  • Weapon Handling Systems Data Sheet

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