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WESCAM MX™-Series In-Flight Training

WESCAM MX-Series In-Flight Training

L3Harris is the training provider of choice for the WESCAM MX-Series EO/IR portfolio of surveillance and targeting systems for air, land, and maritime missions. Because we have designed and engineered it, we know best how to deploy it.

Who Is This Course Designed For?

  • Suitable for WESCAM MX operators and maintainers wanting to maximize the potential of their system through hands-on, tactical training.
  • The course has been developed to support students of varying levels of skill and experience with conventional flight scenarios and operator experience.

Program Details:

  • The program runs 4 days.
  • 30% classroom, 30% simulation using the WESCAM MX-Sim and 40% in-flight.

Topics of study include:

  • System set up, sensor selection, steering mode and mission logistics
  • Sensor optimization for specific mission scenarios
  • Maintenance and organizational level maintenance tasking
  • Training includes day and night flights
  • Practice with different lighting\atmospheric conditions
  • Experience with crew resource management
  • The WESCAM MX-Sim will be used for pre-mission rehearsals prior to in-flight instruction and post-flight while reviewing their in-flight mission.

Securing a Training Spot

  • In-Flight Training can be purchased two ways:
    • Complete buy-out – Purchase all 6 seats and have the curriculum customized around your exact turret set up and configuration.
    • Open Enrolment - buy as many seats as you need and the curriculum will be delivered as a generic configuration, as the class will be made up of mixed customers

Training Dates

Contact a L3Harris training representative for dates and training locations by filling out the form above.

WESCAM In-Flight Training Video
Continuous education is essential to master the full capabilities of a WESCAM MX-Series electro-optical & infrared (EO/IR) System. L3Harris ensures your team is fully trained and at-the-ready when duty calls - providing hands-on mission experience.

About WESCAM MX-Series Complete Training Solutions

At L3Harris, we recognize the importance of quality training when it comes to ensuring successful missions.

For decades, L3Harris has been offering a number of Industry-leading WESCAM MX™-Series training solutions to meet the most demanding mission requirements. Each course is designed to:

  • Increase Mission Success Rates
  • Ensure Mission Readiness
  • Reduce Equipment Down Time
  • Increase your Return On Investment

L3Harris’ Complete Training Solutions program is designed and facilitated by certified professional Instructors and Instructional Designers ensures that your personnel get the knowledge and skills required to integrate, operate and maintain the WESCAM MX™-Series of EO/IR imaging systems. Attend a course at one of our factory locations, or let us bring the training to your facility. 

From system familiarization to operations to intermediate maintenance, having the right training available when and where you need it is a vital step in mission readiness.

WESCAM MX-Series In-Flight Training Brochure

  • WESCAM MX-Series In-Flight Training Brochure

    WESCAM MX™-Series In-Flight Training Brochure

Featured News

WESCAM In-Flight Training

Editorial | 02. 11. 2021

L3Harris’ In-Flight EO/IR Training Transforms and Develops Highly Skilled Operators

Safety is the primary requirement of the aerospace sector. L3Harris’ In-Flight Training transforms and develops highly skilled WESCAM MX™-Series operators from the ground up.

WESCAM In-Flight Training

Editorial | 02. 11. 2021

L3Harris’ In-Flight EO/IR Training Transforms and Develops Highly Skilled Operators

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