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Christopher E. Kubasik expects to expand L3Harris' focus on partnering with international countries.

Press release

New L3Harris Technologies CEO Expanding Company’s Focus on International Partnerships

L3Harris Technologies’ new CEO Christopher E. Kubasik expects to expand the company’s focus on partnering with countries around the world to introduce new technologies and help increase economic prosperity and safety in the regions.

Christopher E. Kubasik becomes the second CEO in L3Harris Technologies' history as a combined company.

Press release

Christopher E. Kubasik Succeeds William M. Brown as CEO of L3Harris Technologies

Christopher "Chris" E. Kubasik today succeeded William M. Brown as Chief Executive Officer of L3Harris Technologies – becoming the second CEO in its history as a combined company.

L3Harris International works with partner nations around the world to deliver products, technologies and services to meet national security and civil service needs. The team works closely with each of the corporation’s business areas to deliver the breadth of L3Harris’ portfolio of products. The organization also coordinates global trade and licensing, help develop strategic offset programs, and provides global functional support.

Approximately 21% percent of L3Harris' revenue historically comes from customers from outside the United States, including many from emerging markets. L3Harris International is working to increase international sales as a portion of L3Harris total revenue. Today L3Harris has $4B in annual sales across more than 100 nations.

Partnering Around the World

Around the world, L3Harris develops partnerships that benefit its customers and business partners as well as local economies. Doing business in today's global economy also means partnering for mutual growth and prosperity, within each country, with local suppliers, universities, research talent, and charitable institutions. L3Harris International is focused on growing a meaningful, mutually beneficial global presence.

Working on six continents, the organization has focus-country executives in 10 regional markets and is led by Charles R. “CR” Davis, vice president of L3Harris International. He reports to the L3Harris vice chair and chief executive officer. CR serves as Chairman of the company’s international boards in Australia, Canada and the U.K. He is also vice chairman of the board of directors of the L3Harris and Saudi Arabian Military Industries joint venture.

L3Harris International has focus-country executives in ten regional markets and they serve as the company’s senior in-country executives and lead enterprise-wide activities. They are responsible for enhancing L3Harris' local presence, managing business partnerships, government affairs, and corporate citizenship. The country executives are key to developing and implementing enterprise country strategies focused on new growth and productivity initiatives.


L3Harris has corporate offices worldwide to extend the company’s global reach and local market focus. Below are snapshots of L3Harris' presence in key strategic countries.

Australia: English

Canada: English | Francais

India: English

Japan: English | Japanese

Republic of Korea: English | Korean

Saudi Arabia: English | Arabic

Singapore: English

Taiwan: English | Mandarin

United Arab Emirates: English | Arabic

United Kingdom: English