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Aircraft Paint Facilities

Product Specifications

L3Harris maintains modern aircraft paint facilities at locations within the United States and Canada. Our paint hangars offer capacity to accommodate government, military (all branches) and commercial aircraft specifications. There are two facilities located in Greenville, Texas, one capable of painting a Boeing 747-400 and a second capable of de-painting a Boeing 757. Our paint hangar in Waco, Texas provides extensive experience in wide-body, executive and heads of state aircraft paint. L3Harris also has a component paint facility located in Mirabel, Canada. This location paints new, replacement and spare components.

Each facility is equipped with environmental controls, modern equipment and fire protection systems. Our processes are ISO 9001-certified and compliant with all federal and state safety regulations.

In Greenville, Texas, the primary facility is equipped with two platform lifts that can move the length and width of the hangar to reduce cycle time. An electrostatic paint system reduces overspray and increases painting efficiency. A foam-water deluge system, four foam-water nozzles and ultraviolet and infrared sensors provide excellent fire protection during the painting process. 

The second advanced, temperature-controlled facility offers five automated ventilation and exhaust methods to facilitate different washing, de-painting or painting procedures. A high-capacity filtration system allows L3Harris to perform painting/de-painting services in a nearly particle-free environment. This facility also houses numerous water and solution tanks, and an aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) emergency fire system, with over a million gallons available for fire safety purposes. Furthermore, there are work stands and component-holding fixtures that improve cycle time in de-painting and painting operations.

The climate-controlled strip/paint hangar in Waco, Texas allows for year-round operation. The facility is large enough to accommodate an A350-1000 or an A330 aircraft under its roof.

The Waco paint facility has a state-of-the-art electrostatic paint system, features digital temperature and humidity control, and has a computerized markings system allowing for the in house creation of all stencils and small decals.

The facility also includes a component paint booth and three portable booths designed to support C-130 wheel wells, as well as smaller aircraft for all removed components of smaller aircraft. An onsite wastewater treatment plant provides an environmentally safe and cost-efficient processing of all wastewater produced by aircraft wash.

The Waco paint team is experienced with high-gloss, high-solids and low-gloss, high-solids and experienced with multiple platforms. 

In Mirabel, Canada, the main facility includes a component paint booth big enough for aircraft components such as radomes, fairings, doors, covers, panels, control surfaces and more. In addition, we have the ability to fabricate CAD-driven stencil design. L3Harris is experienced in applying high-performance paints on multiple structures and surfaces.

L3Harris Aircraft Paint facilities are equipped with environmental controls, modern equipment, and fire protection systems. We also have onsite wastewater treatment plants, which provide an environmentally safe and cost-efficient processing of all wastewater. Our processes are NADCAP-certified and compliant with all federal and state safety regulations.

L3Harris has extensive experience in applying finishes for many different aircraft, including: Boeing 707, 737, 747, and 757, P-3, C-5, C-18, C-20, KC-10, C-22, C-47, C-130, C-135, A310, A340, Gulfstream III, IV, E-6B, E-8, MD-11, KA-350, CN-235 and VC-137. We also paint new, replacement, and spare components such as radomes, fairings, doors, covers, panels and control surfaces.

Whether your needs are basic or fastidious, we have the experience you demand. L3Harris offers premier services in aircraft de-painting as well as exterior and interior painting. Our facilities are capable of handling virtually any aircraft finishing for aircraft ranging from VIP aircraft to aircraft for military service and commercial customers.

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