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Clip-On Night Vision Device M2124 AN/PVS-24/24A


The advanced design of the CNVD prevents the typical requirement of removing a primary (day) sighting system. By supplementing the user’s existing primary sighting system, the CNVD maintains user’s consistent eye relief and shooting position.

Key Benefits

  • Converts to night vision mode with approximately zero shift
  • Maintains shooting position and eye relief
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Uses Generation III, U.S. manufactured night vision image intensifier tubes

Clip-On Night Vision Device–Long Range

Also available in a Long-Range configuration, the CNVD-LR is designed for higher-caliber weapons and snipers, who require long-range identification and engagement.


  • Clip-On Night Vision Device
    Clip-On Night Vision Device M2124 AN/PVS-24/24A Spec Sheet
  • IVS Unrivaled Vision Solutions Brochure - U.S.

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