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C-Cat 3 ASV

The shallow draft and maneuverability capabilities make the C-Cat 3 ideal for operating in areas otherwise inaccessible to manned vessels. As well as operating as a standalone survey platform, the C-Cat 3 can be a complementary asset to existing survey methods and used alongside a manned vessel. 

Main features include:

  • Well-suited to Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) locating and tracking in applications such as pipeline survey.
  •  Can carry out a full day of standard operations from a single battery charge. For more substantial operations, the batteries can be quickly changed without powering down the system.
  • Quick to mobilize and easily launched via a slipway or overhead lift.
  • Have been deployed in operations all over the world for tasks including hydrographic survey, above-water mapping, UUV locating and tracking, and acoustic communication. 
  • Operates using the ASView autonomous control system. It can be controlled manually or to follow pre-programmed routes that can be updated at any point through an easy to use PC based graphical user interface.
  • Control modes include waypoint and line following, heading and track hold, station keeping and remote control. 
  • ASView features standard S57 navigational charts with the ability to import files such as geotiff and .dxf survey lines.

The optional enhanced communications and situational awareness suite gives the C-Cat 3 an extended range of operation and the ability to operate in situations with reduced visibility. 

Available for lease and purchase. 

C-Cat 3 ASV

The vehicle has a manually deployable keel and is capable of housing multiple standard sensors such as an ultra-short baseline (USBL) and a multi-beam echo-sounder (MBES). 

C-Cat 3 ASV

Safety Functions

The C-Cat 3 has an emergency-stop safety function as well as an AIS-based last response system which disengages the propulsion system.

C-Cat 3 ASV

Situational Awareness

The vehicle comes with a standard communications and situational awareness system giving it the ability to perform outside the operator’s direct line-of-sight.

C-Cat 3 ASV

Reliable and Robust

The C-Cat 3 has proved itself a safe, reliable and robust vehicle for operations in coastal environments.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

  • C-Cat 3 ASV Data Sheet

    C-Cat 3 ASV Data Sheet

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