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C-Worker 7 ASV

C-Worker 7 ASV

The C-Worker 7 is a robust, offshore work-class Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Ideally suited for inspection and positioning applications, the C-Worker 7 can negate the need for ships on-station or seabed anchoring. The vehicle’s 2.5m x 1m moonpool allows for easy integration of standard or custom payloads via an interchangeable frame, including an inspection-class ROV, multi-beam echosounder, USBL and ADCP.

The vehicle can be controlled from a mother vessel or a control station onshore via satellite communications. It is suitable for launch and recovery via a mother vessel or shore side crane. The C-Worker 7 has proven itself capable of withstanding harsh offshore conditions, having completed ROV deployment operations, multi-beam survey and positioning using a USBL.

The C-Worker 7 operates using the ASView autonomous control system. It can be controlled manually or to follow pre-programmed routes that can be updated at any point through an easy to use PC based graphical user interface.

Control modes include waypoint and line following, heading and track hold, station keeping and remote control. The ASView features standard S57 navigational charts with the ability to import files such as geotiff and .dxf survey lines.

The C-Worker 7 comes as standard with the enhanced communications and situational awareness system supporting operations at extended ranges outside of the operator’s direct line of sight. The C-Worker 7 has the added benefit of a full 360° infrared camera. Capable of hosting L3Harris’ advanced autonomy system, the C-Worker 7 enables COLREG-aware autonomous navigation and path planning. The C-Worker 7 is safety assured with its emergency stop safety function as well as an AIS-based last response system, which disengages the propulsion system.

L3Harris retains one C-Worker 7 vehicle in its lease fleet of ASVs. The C-Worker vehicles are available for purchase or lease.

C-Worker 7 ASV

Extremely Maneuverable

The C-Worker 7’s hybrid diesel electric system powering a pair of azimuth thrusters gives a high level of maneuverability as well as the added benefits of redundancy and efficiency.

CS East C-Worker 7

Extended Periods of Operation

The vehicle’s endurance of up to 25 days enables it to remain on-station for extended periods without the need to return for refueling.

C-Worker 7 ASV

Easy Integration of Standard or Custom Payloads

The vehicle’s 2.5m x 1m moon pool allows for easy integration of standard or custom payloads via an interchangeable frame including an inspection-class ROV, multi-beam echo-sounder, USBL and ADCP.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

  • C-Worker 7 ASV Data Sheet

    C-Worker 7 ASV Data Sheet

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