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Custom Developed Software

Product Specifications

  • Development of software module specifications
  • Internal and external interface development
  • User-interface and business-logic development and design
  • System architecture, distributed and monolithic
  • Languages include C, C#, C++, Fortran
  • Maintenance of legacy software
  • Visual Studio 
  • Hudson Continuous Integration Server
  • SVN Repository Management
  • Integrated Configuration management
  • Google test architecture
  • Action Request Database for tracking customer interaction
  • Expertise
  • Real-time Systems Toolkit Integration 
  • Real-time image processing using Camlink, HD-SDI, RS170 and LVDS
  • Signature analysis of EO/IR imagery
  • Real-time target tracking algorithms
  • Distributed computing environments
  • TCP/IP and UPD/IP protocol
  • H.264 streaming engines
  • MISB-compliant video

From the most complex video tracking problem to a low-level system driver, our team can develop it for you. We are a Microsoft Development Partner with experience in Windows-embedded deployment. Our cross platform work includes development of video tools that can run on both Linux and Windows® systems and be are easily ported to any platform using standard abstraction layers.

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