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In-Field Image Analysis and Post Processing

Product Specifications

L3Harris is recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in the missile defense test community for launch through post intercept data imagery collection, reduction and analysis. Our highly skilled mission specialist and data analyst assure that we plan and execute every test event to obtain the critical data necessary to evaluate the test objectives were achieved and to learn from the scene behavior through providing time-phased calibrated radiometrically accurate object signatures. We have special tools that aid in mission planning, data capture, data reduction, and metric generation. We process data real-time, near real-time, and post mission. We can provide prompt quick-look data through data links off the aircraft, upon return to base, or in hours and days after the event. We have a complete software development environment that uses agile processes and systems engineering practices to control software versions and offer upgrades through formal testing and releases. Our data analyst have specialized skills in understanding sensor capabilities and performing physics based data analysis. We prepare for test events by simulating the mission in our Systems Integration Lab and performing local test flights. We also support orchestrated customer led dry run test events in the field.  And when the actual mission test occurs, we always bring home the objective data. 

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