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Medium-Resolution Satellite Imagery for Comprehensive Coverage

The Leading Provider of Medium-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Clients in agriculture, forestry, watershed management, and other sectors can visualize expansive project sites susceptible to change with an extensive array of medium-resolution satellite imagery options from Planet, Airbus, and a host of other elite providers.

Do you need recent data on your large project site? Or historical data for an environmental analysis? This product suite offers both. Our providers have multiple sensors in each satellite constellation, allowing each satellite to capture large areas within single images that come in resolutions ranging from 1.5 to 5 meters. Users can view their area of interest from any timeframe and level of detail.

L3Harris also boasts a massive archive with full-world coverage that dates back to the early 2000s — making us a one-stop shop for all your satellite imagery needs.


SPOT 6 & SPOT 7 from Airbus Defence and Space

Launched in September 2012, SPOT-6 is a high-resolution optical imaging satellite that captures the Earth at a resolution of 1.5 meters panchromatic and 6 meters multispectral. Its twin, SPOT-7, was launched into orbit two years later with identical capabilities. These agile satellites offer excellent detail and coverage while ensuring the continuity of the SPOT series launched in 1998. 

Whether performing change detection or analyzing environmental developments across a sprawling project site, this product suite is the ideal resource for helping you study, monitor, forecast, and manage natural resources and human activities on our planet. 

Medium-Resolution Imagery satellite view

Resolution: 1.5 m panchromatic, 6 m multispectral 
Band: Panchromatic; 4 multispectral bands (Red, Green, Blue, & NIR) 
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane 
Datum: NAD 83, WGS 84 
Format: GeoTIFF, JPEG 
Dates: 2013 — present

Samples available upon request

  • SPOT6 1.5m Ortho Product Bundle — 460 MB
  • SPOT6 1.5m Primary Product Bundle — 471 MB 
  • SPOT6 1.5m Ortho Product Pan-sharpened — 237 MB 


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RapidEye from Planet Labs

Launched in 2008, RapidEye was a constellation of five identical sensors that captured imagery at a resolution of 5 meters—perfect for industries such as agriculture, infrastructure, forestry, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, simulation, and land use. 

RapidEye captured five different multispectral bands — red, green, blue, red edge, and near-infrared — making it uniquely suited for assisting farmers in precision agriculture, measuring crop health, and assessing damage. Are you looking for historical time series data? This constellation captured large areas at once and frequently employed all five sensors to collect new data; it also features a vast archive for high- and medium-resolution satellite imagery to provide supplementary historical data. 

Satellites over the earth

Resolution: 5 m 
Band: 5-band Multispectral (Red, Green, Blue, Red-Edge, NIR) 
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane 
Datum: NAD 83, WGS 84 
Format: GeoTIFF, JPEG 
Dates: 2008 — present

Samples available upon request

  • Oahu - Hawaii — 210 MB 
  • Koblenz - Germany — 221 MB 


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PlanetScope from Planet®

With more than 130 sensors in orbit, the PlanetScope constellation is the largest commercial fleet of satellites in history. These unmatched sensors collect new imagery of Earth's entire landmass daily at resolutions of 3 meters per pixel in five multispectral bands — red, green, blue, near-infrared, and red edge — offering users regular medium-resolution satellite imagery of their area of interest. 

The 3 meter resolution is useful for analyzing and tracking vegetation and forest cover changes, flood activity, and the progress of large construction projects. Clients can leverage this unprecedented dataset's power to create commercial value and also help us better understand our planet. 

PlanetScope aerial map

Resolution: 3 m 
Band: 4-band multispectral (Blue, Green, Red, NIR) and PSB.SD in 8-Band imagery (RGB, NIR, Red Edge, Yellow, Green I, and Coastal Blue)
Projection: UTM, WebMercator 
Datum: WGS 84 
Format: GeoTIFF 
Dates: 2014 — present 
Revisit Frequency: Daily

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