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Geospatial Data & Imagery

Since 1951, we have provided customers with cutting-edge geospatial data and imagery products. Through the years, we have earned a reputation as an unbiased consultant who identifies the right data to solve customer’s problems and meet specific project requirements. Our highly skilled staff of photogrammetrists, programmers, and imagery scientists draw upon their vast experience as well as access to a multitude of data types from the top vendors around the world. We offer the most robust selection of geospatial products worldwide including high-resolution, commercial satellite imagery, aerial maps, digital elevation model (DEM) data, topographic maps, and more.

“I have purchased imagery from L3Harris multiple times, and I am always pleased with the selection, first class customer service and quick delivery of the product!" - Brian - Irrigation Technologies, USA

Data and Imagery Services

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L3Harris provides a wide range of high-quality professional and custom satellite, aerial, elevation and vector data mapping services, with end-to-end capability from data acquisition, to data processing, to data analysis. L3Harris has global partnerships with many data suppliers, maintains a vast internal archive of geospatial products, and offers several flexible licensing options.


L3Harris geospatial services available:

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“Well-curated pixels with compelling content is the life blood of any computer vision company, to include my team at CrowdAI. After evaluating multiple options for sourcing satellite imagery, we chose L3Harris. Beyond simply being competitive on pricing and licensing, L3Harris exceeded expectations by helping us discover imagery with tailored content and delivering custom post-processing to accelerate our outcomes. Providing downsampled imagery chips before purchase gave us confidence we were acquiring the data we needed. Furthermore, L3Harris offered flexible purchase sizing and were incredibly responsive from start to finish, delivering pixels early to need date (during the holiday season, no less). With this type of service and value, we are sure to be a repeat customer." - Mike Foster - CrowdAI / Solutions Engineering

Terms & Conditions

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Satellite hovers in space over earth and the eye of a hurricane

Press release | 03. 14. 2023

L3Harris to Design and Build NOAA's Next-Generation Geostationary Weather Imager

L3Harris Technologies announced today a $765 million contract from NASA to design and build the next-generation, high-resolution imager for NOAA’s Geostationary Extended Observations satellite system.

Satellite hovers in space over earth and the eye of a hurricane

Press release | 03. 14. 2023

L3Harris to Design and Build NOAA's Next-Generation Geostationary Weather Imager

L3Harris’ Advanced Baseline Imager is the primary instrument for NOAA’s GOES-18 — the third in a series of four advanced geostationary weather satellites. GOES-18 will serve as NOAA's primary geostationary satellite for detecting and monitoring Pacific hurricanes, atmospheric rivers, coastal fog, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and other environmental phenomena that affect the western contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America.

Trade Release | 01. 05. 2023

NOAA’s GOES-18 Weather Satellite Declared Operational with L3Harris Advanced Baseline Imager Technology Onboard

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United States Air Force Academy L3Harris Night 2022

L3Harris CrIS instrument observes infrared channels, providing comprehensive temperature and moisture information to improve weather models.

Press release | 11. 10. 2022

L3Harris Infrared Weather Forecasting Technology Launches on NOAA Satellite

Hurricane Ian hovers in a satellite shot from space

Editorial | 10. 07. 2022

Providing Critical Capabilities Before, During And After The Storm

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