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WESCAM MX™-10 MS, Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance


An Ideal Maritime Solution for: Surveillance, vessel threat detection, covert operations, naval remote weapon stations.

Maritime Installations: Manned and unmanned marine vessels.

Multi-sensor Imaging & Lasing Payloads

  • Supports up to 6 sensors simultaneously
  • HD color sensor with large ratio optical zoom
  • High-resolution thermal sensor for imaging at night and under poor weather conditions
  • High-sensitivity EMCCD sensor for low-light imaging
  • High-magnification HD color spotter for increased range
  • Laser rangefinder

Advanced Image Processing

  • Real-time image enhancement on all sensors
  • High-performance contrast enhancement and haze penetration
  • Improved feature recognition and ID
  • Image blending of EO and IR imagery into a single stream
  • Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) reduces operator burden
  • 2x and 4x Ezoom

Uncompromised Design

  • 4-axis design with built-in passive vibration isolation
  • Precision optics provide wide-angle through to high-magnification context
  • IMU mounted directly to optical bench for precise GEO-Location
  • Robust automatic image focus


  • MIL spec environment and EMC qualified – humidity, salt, fog and waterproofness
  • Extensive testing for mud, salt and water resistance
  • Rigorous environmental stress screening (ESS) program

Installation Convenience and Flexibility

  • Compact, lightweight package
  • Integrated electronics unit, GPS receiver and video tracker simplifies integration and saves weight

About WESCAM MX-Series Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Tactical, real-time situational awareness makes all the difference in mission success – providing ships with self-defence technologies that command the seas with precision, clarity and certainty. L3Harris’ leading WESCAM MX™-Series EO/IR systems bring a new generation of forward-looking infrared and EO sensor capability to a market where advanced asymmetrical threat identification technologies have become a necessity.

L3Harris’ maritime solutions have been the ‘eyes’ of key vessels for decades and have been engineered with over 45 years of stabilization and design experience. By detecting hostile intent at tactically significant ranges, WESCAM MX-Series turrets not only capture but seamlessly communicate full-motion video intelligence by integrating with leading maritime mission systems.

The wireless delivery of details, including the location and capability of both friendly and opposing forces, enables 21st-century threats to be detected, verified and neutralized. Today’s generation of maritime sensors are configured to meet the challenges of maritime and coastal domain awareness, from both manned and unmanned vessels afloat or ashore. Through rough seas and poor visibility, rely on WESCAM MX-Series marinized systems to oversee your mission profile.

Product Collateral

  • WESCAM MX-10 MS Brochure

    WESCAM MX™-10 MS Brochure

Mission Systems

Providing a broad range of multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission solutions in support of key decision makers across air, land and maritime domains.

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