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WESCAM MX™-15, Air Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Infrared image of a traffic circle capture from above


An Ideal Surveillance Solution for: ISR – Medium-Altitude Covert Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, SAR missions

Airborne Installations: Fixed-wing, Rotary-wing, UAV, Aerostat

Weight-Sensitive Solution

  • No external electronics unit, direct support of peripherals reduces aircraft wiring
  • Installed weight reduced by up to 50 lb/22 kg

Multi-Sensor Imaging/Lasing Payload Options

  • Currently supports up to 6 sensors simultaneously
  • Superior HD imaging resolution from Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) cameras
  • Pseudo-Color IR
  • High sensitivity color spotter
  • HD low-light step-zoom spotter
  • Advanced Video Tracker (AVT)
  • Embedded MTI

Image Blending

  • Blends EO and IR imagery
  • Spectrally-rich image yields detail that would be invisible in individual senor images

Enhanced Local Area Processing (ELAP)

  • Real-time image enhancement for EO day, EO night & IR

IR Image Processor (Local Area Processing)

  • Greatly enhances image detail and scene contract
  • Increases dynamic range, reduces noise, performs electronic zoom

High-Performance IMU & MX-GEO Software Suite

  • IMU & MX-GEO work to create accurate target location
  • MX-GEO automatically aligns to the aircraft
  • Robust automatic image focus

Uncompromised Stabilization

  • 4-axis gimbal with internal IMU
  • All payloads are fully-stabilized

WESCAM MX-Series Commonality

  • Common operator interfaces and Hand Controller Units (HCUs)
  • Simplified interchangeability
  • Efficiencies in product support and technology enhancements
  • Ease and familiarity of use

About WESCAM MX-Series Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions

L3Harris has an airborne portfolio of multi-sensor, multi-spectral systems that are deployed worldwide, at varying ranges, and with overlapping fields-of-view, creating the opportunity for uninterrupted surveillance of borders, forward operating bases, airfields and other vital assets. These imaging and targeting systems can be found on over 230 different types of platforms, including fixed-wing, rotor-wing, UAV and aerostat platforms.

Within our product portfolio is a series of systems that encourage ease and familiarity of use, simplified turret interchangeability within fleets, efficiencies in technology enhancements and overall system support. Featuring common electronics and cabling, common user interfaces and video overlays, and common software and internal components, this family is known as the WESCAM MX-Series.

Because today’s mission requirements demand identification and designation from longer standoff ranges, WESCAM MX-Series products have been engineered to focus on the three factors that drive Maximum Range: resolution, magnification and stabilization. As a result, each WESCAM MX-Series turret has outperformed its major competitor in every performance area, giving the Series the longest EO/IR target identification and designating ranges in the industry (in each class size).

Product Collateral

  • WESCAM MX™-15 Brochure
    WESCAM MX™-15 Brochure


  • WESCAM MX-Series Service Components, Spare Units and Upgrades
    WESCAM MX™-Series Service Components, Spare Units and Upgrades
  • WESCAM MX Series Authorized Service Centers
    WESCAM MX™-Series Authorized Service Centers
  • WESCAM MX-RAid  Remote Diagnosis Capability
    WESCAM MX™-RAid Remote Diagnosis Capability

WESCAM MX-Series Customer Care Eco-System

L3Harris continues to invest heavily in customer care, in-service support solutions and product development. Certified to AS 9100 and ISO 9001 standards, L3Harris’ practices and products have achieved a standard of quality that is recognized and respected globally.

It’s a network designed to increase operational availability and minimize repair turn-around time, reduce total cost of ownership and minimize administrative delays. Learn how WESCAM MX Series systems are supported globally. Download information on how and where to maintain WESCAM MX systems. Explore WESCAM MX Service plans and upgrade opportunities.

WESCAM Facility MX-20 Shaker Room


Providing you with tailored service and support packages that address your individual needs.

WESCAM Service Center


L3Harris invests heavily in its customer care ecosystem – a network designed to increase operational availability, minimize repair turnaround time, reduce total cost of ownership and minimize administrative delays.

L3Harris WESCAM MX-Series Authorized Service Centers


With thousands of L3Harris WESCAM Systems worldwide, WESCAM Authorized Service Centers increase operational availability and shorten turn around time by providing in-region, advanced service level support for all MX™-Series EO IR surveillance and targeting systems deployed across air, land and maritime environments.

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