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Integrated Logistics Support

Support Canada's National Interests with Complete In-Service Support Solutions

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The L3Harris Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) team provides logistics services that optimize equipment and system readiness for the duration of service life at the lowest possible life-cycle cost. 

We also ensure that all equipment modernization or life-extension programs are performed in an integrated manner with the information required to make informed fleet management decisions. 

We work closely with customers to provide a full range of integrated logistics support (ILS) services to support the acquisition, introduction, operation, modification, and disposal of major assets, such as aircraft, ships and other systems. Our approach employs the latest life-cycle material management and systems engineering techniques based on a full understanding of the concept of operations and using advanced computer tools and information technologies (IT) systems.

A multi-disciplinary team of engineers, logistic, procurement, electronic publications, training, shipping and program management personnel, delivers the following services.

  • Supply chain management (SCM), including spare parts support and packaging, handling, storage and transportation supportability strategy
  • Configuration/data management (CM/DM)
  • MIL-STD 1388-1A logistic support analysis (LSA), including in-service LSA
  • Life-cycle material management (LCMM)
  • Reliability engineering and failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)
  • Maintainability engineering
  • Level of repair analysis (LORA), maintenance program planning and optimization
  • Health usage monitoring (HUMS) and condition-based maintenance (CBM) analysis
  • Systems reliability monitoring
  • Test equipment and tooling support and calibration
  • Computer resource support, including electronic interactive environment (EIE) set-up and support
  • Facilities construction and functional area allocation

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