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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Product Specifications

We have extensive experience at all three levels of maintenance, with a significant number of highly qualified personnel at Department of Defence (DND) operating bases, and deployed locations, conducting First- and Second-line maintenance activities. In addition, we have been performing depot-level maintenance on a number of fleets, including the F/A-18 aircraft for over 30 years, with a focus on delivering high-quality on-aircraft inspections, modifications and repairs at optimal cost and schedule. Over these years, our  Canadian facilities have accumulated an unparalleled 3 million hours of F/A-18 depot maintenance work.

One prominent example of this innovation is the use of robotics to address F/A-18 structural defects in a manner that drastically reduces the need for aircraft disassembly, resulting in a significant reduction in turn-around time (TAT). 

We are responsible for everything on the CC-150 fleet, except flying the aircraft. As the ISS provider for the CC-150 Polaris fleet, we manage and deliver services covering all aspects of the CC-150 operations, including line maintenance at home and in deployed operations, heavy maintenance, supply chain, engineering, upgrades, configuration management, program management and quality. Through its subcontractors, we provide heavy maintenance checks, aircraft painting and modifications, as well as component and engine repair & overhaul (R&O) services. This includes providing crew to deploy with the aircraft in support of its various missions. As Canada’s leading In-Service Support provider, our impressive, consistent performance of 98 percent fleet availability continues to be the benchmark for other RCAF fleets.

Featured News

WESCAM UAV editorial

Editorial | 11. 13. 2023

Evolving Remote Pilot Imaging Capabilities

From Humble Beginnings To A Capable Future - At the end of his life in 1896, Alfred Nobel, engineer, inventor and benefactor of the Nobel Prize, had a compelling idea for “An Improved Mode of Obtaining Photographic Maps and Earth or Ground Measurements” using a photographic camera carried by a “…balloon, rocket or missile.” Nobel unfortunately never lived to see a practical application of his idea, but his plans laid the groundwork on which other inventors made tremendous progress.

WESCAM UAV editorial

Editorial | 11. 13. 2023

Evolving Remote Pilot Imaging Capabilities


Editorial | 10. 18. 2023

Supporting the Republic of Korea with Next-Level EO/IR Sensor System Production

WESCAM MX™-15D, Airborne Targeting and Designating

Editorial | 10. 17. 2023

L3Harris to Provide Surveillance and Targeting Systems for New Republic of Korea Attack Helicopter

Soldiers examine modular set ups of the WESCAM MX-GCS Mk

Editorial | 10. 09. 2023

L3Harris Demonstrates Enhanced Sight Capabilities in Low Visibility Environments

L3Harris Supports the 2023 North American Indigenous Games

Editorial | 10. 05. 2023

L3Harris Supports the 2023 North American Indigenous Games

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